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Governmental organizations face ever increasing challenges in meeting growing demands for quality services with an ever-changing economy and ongoing public scrutiny. Robinson, Grimes & Company, P.C. has been a resource for governmental entities for more than 80 years. We have an experienced governmental team which provides a variety of audit, compliance, special purpose reporting, and consulting services for governmental entities of all sizes, including:

  • Cities

  • Counties

  • Boards of Education and School districts

  • Water and Sewer Authorities

  • Industrial and Development Authorities

  • Component Units and Departments


In addition, we serve as a valuable resource of governmental accounting expertise, including:

  • Annual Financial audits

  • Compliance audits including Federal Single Audits

  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) reporting

  • Bond issuance services including comfort letters, consent letters and other agreed-upon procedures

  • SPLOST audit services

  • Agreed-upon procedures

  • Other special attestation services

  • Evaluation of internal control design and implementation

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