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Tax and Related Consulting Services

We are a full service firm and among our tax services, we offer assistance with the preparation and filing of all required state, federal and local returns. We view tax practice, however, as extending far beyond these necessary and important compliance services. We offer proactive tax counseling and consulting services in a wide range of tax areas.

We are uniquely qualified to assist business owners with timely and accurate tax counsel. As a full service firm, the engagement partners are in a position to be familiar with the client's business and yet are also able to request assistance from an in-house specialist when the need arises. We are large enough to offer tax specialists in various industries and specialties including among others, real estate, business valuation and estate planning. We are, however, small enough that all of our partners are geared to family owned business needs. All partners of the firm have completed training and are certified in Family and Owner-Managed Business (FOMB) counseling where related non-tax considerations such as family relationships, succession planning and business management are considered along with the related tax cost of the decision making process. Our strategic alliances with CPAmerica International and Horwath International allow us to tap the knowledge and expertise of specialists throughout the world on tax matters not otherwise resolved.

Our firm has developed and maintained our tax expertise over many years of personal and direct dealings with our clients. Most importantly, we care about the success of our clients in reaching their financial goals. We take pride in developing and maintaining a comprehensive tax strategy for our clients that assists them in meeting both business and personal goals.

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