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Not-For-Profit Organizations

The success of a not-for-profit entity (NPO) is determined by the success of its charitable mission.  Because of the unique characteristics of the NPO and the nature of its stakeholders, it is subject to tax compliance and complex reporting and disclosure requirements that differ from for-profit businesses.  Robinson Grimes has been an advisor and trusted business partner for NPOs for more than 80 years, providing services that include:


  • Assistance with filing for non-profit status with the IRS

  • IRS Form 990 preparation and filing

  • Public support compliance testing


  • Audits of 501(c)(3) and other NPO entities

  • Evaluation of internal control design and implementation

  • Creative financial presentations focusing on operational effectiveness


  • Bookkeeping, payroll and payroll tax assistance


Our team of NPO professionals works to:

  • Create continuity for our clients by maintaining consistent staff involvement

  • Build relationships with board members, bankers, and other professionals to facilitate coordination of information

  • Create efficiencies while maintaining quality by sharing experience, knowledge and research

  • Provide operation and financial recommendations based on our experience, industry and business knowledge, and research findings

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