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Important - Effective January 1, 2024

Beginning January 1, 2024, the Alabama Secretary of State Annual Report fee will no be longer included and paid on the Business Privilege Tax return.

The Annual Report must now be filed separately with the Secretary of State, along with payment of the fee. This form and fee are due no later than March 15, 2024, even if an Entity has a fiscal year end. The form and fee are required for all For-Profit Corporations (S-Corporations and C-Corporations). No other entity type should file an annual report. Partnerships and Limited Liability companies are not required to file.

The Alabama Secretary of State’s (SOS) Business Services Division began processing the Annual Reports for Domestic and Foreign For-Profit Corporations and Professional Corporations on January 1, 2024. Annual Reports from other entities will NOT be accepted. The filing fee is $10 per Annual Report. Both a digital and printable form will be accessible on the SOS Business Services section of the website.

Please visit the Alabama Secretary of State at  to file and pay. On the website select Business Services, and then select Annual Report. You do not need to login.  Then select Start Form.

In prior years, your Entity ID Number was only six digits.  The AL SOS, has changed their format and it is now nine digits. The first three digits may vary (000 or 001) and is followed by your old number (EX. 00X-123-456).  If you are unsure of your Entity ID Number, the AL SOS does have an Entity ID lookup to assist.

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